January 28th, 8:30pm,  Cinema Les Lumieres, Nanterre, France. 4-7 Euros. Find out more here.

Thursday February 16th, 7pm, Snowy Owl Theater, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, Leavenworth, Washington, $10, $7 students. Find out more here.

March 22nd, 8pm, film screening and concert by Sir Jean and NMB Afrobeat Experience, Cinéma Colisée, Montbéliard, France. 4 Euros. Find out more here.

      Here are links to download:



Since its release we've seen the film engage audiences and prompt discussion on a range of issues. The Whole Gritty City  can affirm the experiences of young people of color, disrupt stereotypes, and highlight the valuable role of mentors and music and arts programs in shaping the lives of young people and strengthening their communities. Or - you can host a screening simply for the love of marching bands, Mardi Gras, and New Orleans, and for an emotionally-charged plunge into this amazing world. Here are ways you can set up a screening event for the film.

OPTION 1: contact the filmmakers directly at

OPTION 2: Host a TUGG Theatrical Screening

Good, no-risk option for groups that have people power and the capacity to generate the required ticket sales (usually between 60–90 tickets to reach the threshold).

These screenings are essentially theatrical-on-demand. They are held in regular commercial movie theaters, so attendees must purchase tickets (unless your organization has the resources to purchase complimentary tickets for your guests). Here are the basics:

--Before you do anything, visit and check to see if there is a theatrical booking already confirmed in your city or town. If there is, then purchase tickets. You can also contact the individual who is promoting the screening to discuss how you might participate in —or spread the word about— the event.

--If a theatrical booking is not already confirmed in your city or town, then go ahead and request a screening by clicking the blue “At a Theater” button and follow the prompts. By doing so, you and/or your organization are agreeing to lead the charge in rallying your network to buy tickets.

--Determine how much time you’ll need for your event before you request a screening. Include any discussion, presentation, or performance time you’ll need in addition to the 90 minutes for the film, so the theater knows to block out that time.

--Remember, the screening will only occur if you are able to secure enough ticket sales for the theater to justify bringing the film to your community. But once you have reached the designated number of ticket sales, TUGG will contact you to let you know your booking is confirmed. And it’s done.

If you do not reach the "cap," you will not be charged, so there is zero risk!

For more information and tools, check out

OPTION 3: Host a Private, Non-theatrical TUGG Community Screening for Free or as a Fundraiser

You can obtain a DVD or BluRay and the rights to screen it publicly for a small fee through TUGG. Just visit and click on the “At a Community Venue” option. You’ll be guided through a series of prompts to determine whether or not you plan to charge admission. 

For more information and tools, check out

OPTION 4: Buy a DVD for Your High School, Public Library or Nonprofit

Good option for educators who want to incorporate the film into their curriculum or for organizations that want to use the film on an ongoing basis within their programs or for orientations and trainings. 

If you are interested in purchasing the DVD so you can show it to your classes, volunteers, staff, or other groups on an ongoing basis, you can get an educators license. The DVD can be played chapter by chapter to facilitate classroom discussion. Just email the Filmmakers Library:

Remember that, with this option, you cannot charge admission. To purchase for college and university collections, please visit:

- Download the discussion and action guide.  

- Buy a DVD for Universities, Schools and Organizations

For colleges and universities: Click here to buy a DVD or streaming rights. For secondary schools and public libraries, and for more information, please send an email:, or call: 212-721-6316