Since its release we've seen the film engage audiences and prompt discussion on a range of issues. The Whole Gritty City  can affirm the experiences of young people of color, disrupt stereotypes, and highlight the valuable role of mentors and music and arts programs in shaping the lives of young people and strengthening their communities. Or - you can host a screening simply for the love of marching bands, Mardi Gras, and New Orleans, and for an emotionally-charged plunge into this amazing world. Here are ways you can set up a screening event for the film.

To arrange a screening using Blu-Ray or a video file, contact the filmmakers directly at If you want to set up a screening in a commercial theater with DCP (the digital projection format used in most movie theaters), we can tell you how to arrange a screening through

Also contact us if you would like to purchase a DVD for Your High School, Public Library or Nonprofit (for free screenings only).

To purchase streaming rights or a DVD for college and university collections, please visit:

- Download the discussion and action guide.