Some comments about the February broadcast from Twitter and Facebook

February 24, 2014

Tragic yet beautiful

Floored. Wow. Raw. Honest. Beautiful. Those band directors are heroes. Those kids are winners.

Powerful, poignant, & inspirational.

Inspiring, heartbreaking. Wonderful!

I ended up feeling almost like I knew the people.

Raw, real, and beautiful all the same time.

A powerful-thought provoking-wonderful program...

Amazing. Just amazing.

This was the all time, absolute, GREATEST documentary I've seen in a long time.

Gorgeous, heartbreaking, deeply moving.

We have watched it and will watch it again. // The beauty, love, and the heart of the citizens of New Orleans shined through from start to finish.

o...m...g i still have this on my mind POWERFUL

Now that we have stopped crying, I need to tell you that you made a great movie....This is a beautiful, touching portrayal of a complex issue.

I am still held by what I saw and heard. What strong and caring men, who used music to speak to young people, to teach them life lessons and how to survive and progress; to move forward...What a moving and powerful program! Thank you!

This is humanity

Wonderful way to teach the truth!.

Tore my heart right out.

Wow, that was fantastic, powerful. Heartbreaking, but hopeful. Great documentary.

The emotional impact - the compassionate portrayal of complicated issues that defy a simple summary, - were all there.